The music of Wolfsinger have a very genuine old school imprinting and their songs
are strongly raccomended for…headbanging!.
The band is also founder of the “Metal Queen’s Burning Nights Festival” created to
promote female voices of metal in Italy.
2017 see Wolfsinger playing in several festivals to promote the album, most
important are: “Metal Alliance Festival”, “Wings of Bea Metal Fest”, “Collisioni
Festival” , “VOTS” in Malta, “Sbam Fest 2017” and “Metal Queen’s Burning Nights
Fest” (that is a festival created by Wolfsinger in 2014 to promote female-fronted
metal bands).
In February 2018 Wolfsinger sign with MASD Records and announce the release of a
new album within the end of the year.
The band is working on new dates and already confirmed the presence as headliner
at the “Mezcla Metal Fest 2018” in Madrid and italian great festival “Malpaga
Folk&Metal Festival” with Cruachan.